Planning a steam turbine outage or repair?

Utilize our experienced team of steam turbine reliability engineers and repair experts. With over 80 years of combined experience in steam turbine operations, maintenance, manufacturing, and repair management. HRST will support your steam turbine lifecycle management, investment decisions.

Questioning if your steam turbine is due for an inspection? Read this to understand the importance of regularly scheduled maintenance.

On-site Service

  • Steam-path inspection and repair consulting
  • Photographed and documented component condition and associated risk assessment
  • Post inspection repair planning recommendations
  • Analysis of boiler operations and their impact on the turbine
  • Operational suggestions to improve and monitor steam turbine life-cycle

Turbine Shop Repair Consulting

  • Review Repair Plan and quality compliance

Benefits of Working with HRST

  • Repair oversight and final inspection
  • Repair and manufacturing quality control
  • Manufacturing non-conformance management
  • Machine shop qualifications
  • Preventative maintenance planning
  • Risk mitigation

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What our clients are saying:

“Our steam turbine was overdue for a major outage but we had to delay it for the next 1-2 years. As a result we wanted to become aware of the risk factors in extending the outage. We also needed an overall assessment of our turbine maintenance, operating and monitoring procedures in order to find any gaps that might be further putting our turbine at risk. We hired HRST to perform a Life Cycle Analysis of our steam turbine. First HRST worked closely with us to determine the specific work scope in order to focus the study on our areas of concern. Then HRST remotely studied a large amount of site provided information including the turbine specs, drawings, maintenance history and monitoring capabilities. The final step involved a 2-day site visit by HRST, during which an HRST turbine expert performed an in depth borescope inspection of the turbine and spent time with our operations team to learn about our procedures. HRST then provided a detailed report on the findings. The report included a very valuable analysis of the borescope inspection, which not only pointed out the damaged areas in the turbine but also explained the likely root causes and the recommended actions. HRST also uncovered a specific deficiency in our reduced load operating practices that was supporting conditions for water droplet erosion in the final stage of our LP turbine. HRST analyzed many hours of operating data to show exactly when and how the conditions for erosion are created and how we could alter our procedures to help prevent them.

HRST’s report provided a big picture assessment of the turbine as well as a detailed study of several critical areas of concern. I highly recommend hiring HRST to any site that desires a complete health checkup of their steam turbine and steam turbine practices.”

Daniel Lvov, Selkirk Cogen