Our company

HRST, Inc. looks for employees with strong technical skills and strong customer service skills. Rather than offer lucrative salaries to attract many people, HRST, Inc. relies on profit sharing. HRST is an employee-owned company where job satisfaction comes from hard work, customer satisfaction, and rewarding projects. Each employee has an opportunity to own a portion of the company and shares the financial benefits of risk and success or consequences of risk and failure. We strive to put excellent service and maintaining client trust before short-term profits. We strive to keep our company growing in exciting ways and create new opportunities for our employees.

The Minnesota Technology magazine summarized the HRST, Inc. approach:

Krowech knew that only capable, confident, and conscientious people would accept a below-market base salary in order to link the quality of their work directly to their financial future. “People like that aren’t motivated by financial success alone,” he says. “They take great pride in their work and in their team. They’re not going to let the customer or their fellow employees down.”

Our employees

Our employees have diverse experience and backgrounds. Most acquired years of new boiler engineering and design experience before joining HRST, Inc. Some of our employees have a shop welding and fabrication background. Some have power plant operation backgrounds, while others joined HRST directly from engineering college. Our management structure and work pace rely on people who can make good decisions and are entrepreneurial in spirit. Our success depends on working smart and developing strong and smart ideas that clients embrace. Our work style is diverse, with employees working in our regional offices as well as our headquarters located near Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Current Positions

HRST is always looking for energetic and adventuresome people to join our team! HRST is always hiring for the position: Ass Kicker. Click here for more information. The positions below are currently available: