Hydrogen Unit PGB & WHB Assessment

If your Hydrogen plant is implementing a furnace upgrade or aiming to increase production, HRST can assist your team by assessing the Process Gas Boiler (PGB) and Waste Heat Boiler (WHB) to identify bottlenecks, excursions from design, and at-risk areas. Our proprietary modeling software allows us to model your entire PGB/WHB system for improved design and operation. Request Brochure.


  • Furnaces turndown operation
  • Feedstock or upstream process change
  • Upgraded/retrofit pressure parts
  • Efficiency optimization studies
  • Heat recovery debottlenecking studies

Assessment Scope

  • Develop a custom thermal model of your PGB and WHB system, evaluating each unit simultaneously
  • Identify over/under-performing heat transfer surfaces
  • Model steam generation and thermal duty for PGB/WHB under various load conditions
  • Flue gas and effluent temperature profiles
  • Feed coil/superheater TMT and piping temperatures
  • CO/SCR catalyst operating temperature range
  • BoP equipment capacities (BFP, FVC, ID fans)