High-quality HRSG training delivered remotely to any internet connected computer, phone or tablet. Train multiple plant personnel with comprehensive or topics-based course bundles.

Watch HRST team members present and explain technical content while simultaneously viewing the presentation slides. Internet-based HRSG training has its own unique benefits:

  • Learn at your own pace with the ability to pause, rewind and fast-forward lessons. (See above for a screenshot of the playback interface.)
  • Take a 10-15 question interactive quiz at the end of each topic, to reinforce important lessons learned.
  • On-Demand Training is available on any internet connected device so you can complete it even when working from home.
  • Buy for yourself or purchase multiple licenses for others at your plant.

The following topics will be available through HRST On-Demand Training:

  • Gas-Side Components
  • Economizers & Preheaters
  • Evaporators
  • Superheaters, Reheaters & Attemperators
  • Duct Burners & Firing Ducts
  • Control Room Data Assessment
  • In House Inspection Tasks Part I – Gas-Side & Exterior
  • In House Inspection Tasks Part II – Water Side

Course bundles available for purchase:

  1. HRSG 101 – All of the topics listed above for $800/user
  2. HRSG Pressure Parts – Includes topics “Economizers & Preheaters”, “Evaporators”, and “Superheaters, Reheaters & Attemperators” for $300/user
  3. HRSG Self Inspection – Includes topics “Control Room Data Assessment”, “Inspection Tasks Part I” and “Inspection Tasks Part II” for $300/user

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Access to HRST On-Demand Training is limited to direct employees of combined cycle/cogen power plants and engineering/management corporate level staff directly overseeing combined cycle/cogen assets.