Process Gas Boiler Services

HRST can design and supply retrofit Process Gas Boilers (PGBs) for Steam Methane Reformer (SMR) systems in Hydrogen, Methanol, and HyCO plants. Our proprietary modeling software lets us model your entire PGB system to understand process conditions for design. Request Brochure.

Engineering and Design

HRST’s inspection and analysis experience proves invaluable when providing innovative solutions to your facility. Design Features:

  • Utilizes simple, proven designs, with years of run-time experience
  • Careful selection of materials to prevent common damage mechanisms
  • Optimized downcomer/riser placement for improved circulation in high heat flux and high temperature applications
  • Remote and dedicated (piggy-back) drum designs
  • Available bypass systems for turndown control
  • Thin flexible tube sheet to alleviate cycling stresses
  • Technical field service solutions include repairs, installation, and vendor surveillance

Thermal Analysis

HRST’s Thermal Analysis Software can help your team better understand boiler performance for process upgrades, monitoring service life, and failure analysis.

  • Debottlenecking and upgrade studies to give you the best available plan of action
  • Determine operating limits
  • Thermal performance assessments
  • Quantify thermal effects on all boiler components and operating systems
  • Understand how modifications can affect total boiler system operations


HRST’s PGB inspection services combine online and offline inspection approaches for planning, assessing, and executing work with your turnaround schedule.

  • System design review
  • Thermal survey of PGB system
  • Visual inspection of gas path, pressure vessel shell, remote steam drum, and piping
  • NDE Inspection services
  • Online Inspection including a system walkdown and burner/flame monitoring