2021 & 2022




2016 & 2017

  1. Hot to cold casing CT outlet transition duct
  2. HRSG inlet expansion joint for small gas turbine
  3. Return-bend economizer support design and material
  4. More 7FA CT exhaust diffuser liner replacements (design, material, installation TA)
  5. More HRSG inlet duct liner replacements (design, material, installation TA)
  6. Replacement attemperater spool pipe with liner projects (design, material, installation TA)
  7. More roof casing and pipe penetration replacement projects (design, material, installation TA)
  8. Covered pipe review, documentation and site investigation
  9. Shockmaster replacement economizer (design, material, installation TA)
  10. Steam turbine condenser and visual/NDE inspection
  11. Steam turbine maintenance oversight
  12. Turn-key design, fabrication and/or installation projects:
    • Burner replacement
    • Firing duct liner replacement
    • Package boiler re-tube and steam drum modifications


Project: HRSG Economizers that are 10+ years old are at risk to fatigue damage. Some designs are better able to handle fatigue than others. Some designs can benefit from enhancements to reduce the stress on the existing tubes. HRST implemented retrofits with good success on four HRSGs, located at two different sites to tackle the tube leaks like shown below.

More 2015 Project Successes:

  1. Evaporator lower header replacement
  2. Several ‘turn-key’ outage service projects (burner element replacements, SCR catalyst restack)
  3. HRSG roof casing and pipe penetration seal replacement with upgraded design
  4. HRSG floor casing and insulation replacement
  5. Successfully installed first BIGGIE Door on HRSG in 2014 and retrofit another in 2015.