Many styles of access doors require two people to open and need frequent repairs to the door frame studs. This manpower could be better used for other maintenance tasks. HRST Access Doors make critical parts of your HRSG easy and accessible within minutes, and require only one person to open and close.

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Standard Casing Access Door

HRST has developed a retrofit “easy open, easy close” door for HRSGs. The only tool required for opening is a hammer. (Most boiler people are good with a hammer!) The door components can be opened quickly and lifted by one person.

Big Door

Need a larger access door? HRST offers doors large enough to profoundly improve efficiency of maintenance and repairs. We provide a complete retrofit kit designed for easy access and reduces repair costs, improves safety and creates shorter outages.

Severe Service Hinged Access Door

This door can be used in all areas of the HRSG, but was designed for high turbulence in inlet ducts and high temperature firing ducts. The hinged door design reinforces the existing liner system around the door opening and utilizes two gasket points to ensure a gas-tight seal. Delivered completely assembled! This door is tough as a bank vault!

Custom Casing Access Door

HRST Custom Access Doors are sized to accommodate your application. Custom Casing Doors are available for wall, roof and floor casings. Improved access means more frequent entry, and more frequent entry means finding and fixing problems sooner!

Steam Drum Door Upgrade

The HRST Retrofit Steam Drum Manway Door Kit specifically designed for your application includes everything needed to install and use the drum door. Our system design reduces the risk of gasket leaks from poor alignment and eliminates the need for stud hot re-torqueing. This system is applicable for steam drum elliptical manways.

What our clients are saying:

“HRST provided retrofit HRSG access doors for one of their HRSGs. Our on-site technical advisor helped their contractor with installation. A few months later we received the following feedback, “I mentioned to the other operators that I’m going to replace doors 2,3 and 4 during 2009 outage with the new HRST style quick entry door. The response I got back in return was REPLACE THEM ALL!! Every operator here who has used our new #1 door loves it!! I think it takes me about 2 minutes to enter the HRSG threw your new door. Compared to 15-20 minutes to enter through the old style door, plus all the maintenance. To sum it all up your door is terrific…”
F-Class Power Plant, Washington, USA