HRSGs and power boilers utilize baffling, tube ties, flow distribution grids and vanes to help direct gas flow through the heat transfer surfaces (tubes). If these components fail, boiler performance can decrease and pressure part damage can occur. The HRST team can design and supply the materials and drawings necessary to upgrade to a better arrangement.

Coil Gas Baffle Upgrades

  • Designed for your exact arrangement and includes on-site Technical Advisor assistance

  • Retrofit tube coil gas baffles minimize gas bypass

  • Support method won’t cause tube damage

  • Proper baffles improve performance and reduce risk of FAC and tube overheat

Retrofit Tube Ties & Support

  • Designed to withstand heat and turbulence

  • Tightens space between tubes to minimize tube vibrations, yet allow expansion

  • Increases bearing surface between finned tube & tube ties

  • Utilize portions of existing tube ties when practical

  • Includes installation drawings

  • On-site Technical Advisor available to assist with installation

False Floor Gas Baffles

  • Designed for your exact arrangement

  • Minimizes gas bypass

  • Sturdy support method keeps baffles in place year after year

  • Improves performance and reduces risk of FAC and tube overheat

Corrugated Flow Distribution Grid

  • Easier installation with less welding and lighter components decreases installation time and lowers costs

  • Corrugated components are installed in small sections; simplifying future repairs if needed

  • The corrugated design increases strength

What our clients are saying:

I like having HRST come to do our inspections every year. Seems like there are always things that come up that were not there before. It helps to be able to go back to previous inspections to see what was repaired or not repaired. The feedback from the inspection and findings helps us to keep the HRSG in top shape.

Lamar S., Vistra