We can customize all our pipe seals for your specific application. HRST has developed several retrofit pipe penetration seals to replace failed or damaged fabric seals, mechanical seals and stainless steel bellows type seals.

Mechanical Pipe Penetration Seals
(Roof or Floor)

  • Insulated housing and precision seal ring that can withstand high temperatures
  • Thermal sleeve for flexible interface with existing pipe insulation
  • Viewport for internal inspection
  • Split ‘clam shell’ housing and seal ring for ease of installation
  • No cutting or welding to pressure parts
  • No splicing of fabric belts
  • No delicate stainless steel bellows welding

High Temperature Fabric (HTF)
Pipe Penetration Seals (Roof or Floor)

  • No pressure part welding required
  • No bolted connections which eliminates need for gaskets
  • Durable, gas tight high-temperature PTFE coated outer fabric
  • Air-cooled metal components
  • Expansion friendly floor seal design
  • Robust insulation pillow under fabric that eliminates voids during operation
  • No special stitching or fabric tailoring required
  • Eliminates complicated internal insulation layering
  • Installation friendly for local mechanical contractors
  • No need to mobilize special installation team
  • Factory set dimensions and tolerances to simplify installation

Inverted Stainless Steel Bellows

HRST’s inverted bellows seal design eliminates trapped condensation in the insulation cavity area. The inverted bellows is located internal to the HRSG and connected to the casing via a pipe protrusion through the casing. The inside of HRST’s bellows is non-insulated, keeping it dry to prevent condensation corrosion. Not sure if corrosion is a problem? HRST’s Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) for CUI allows assessment of piping conditions through non-magnetic materials such as lagging, insulation, and HRSG pipe penetration seals. If corrosion is found, consider HRST’s inverted bellows as a solution.

What our clients are saying:

“This is a unique project because we asked HRST, Inc. to play the role of middleman. The challenge for HRST, Inc. was to work with our company so that we could provide the complete service to our power company client. Our company relied heavily on the expertise provided by HRST, Inc. to deliver exactly what our client needed. I was impressed with the way HRST, Inc. communicated effectively and allowed us to keep our client happy throughout the process. We needed HRST, Inc. to set up and provide us this high level of support and they did just that for us. I would recommend HRST, Inc. to any company that had boiler engineering needs similar to ours. They did a great job and I look foward to working with them in the future.”

Mechanical Contractor, Northwest Region, USA