Why is a HRSG gas-side tube cleaning necessary? Your HRSG is full of deep bundles, narrow and limited access lanes, and tightly spaced tubes with dense finning that becomes fouled from rust flakes, sulfur compounds, ammonia salts and insulation. This is a concern for your HRSG because it increases the turbine backpressure, decreases thermal performance and prevents the equipment from operating as efficiently as possible.

HRST’s custom deep cleaning tools and strategies help you improve performance by:

  • Decreasing GT Back Pressure: Excessive back pressure reduces GT output and can lead to GT trips; especially in cold weather
  • Increasing Thermal Efficiency: Debris acts as an insulator around the heat transfer surfaces, removing this debris helps restore performance

Our custom deep cleaning tools and cleaning strategies help you improve performance!

HRST’s Specialized Deep Cleaning Service Features:

  • Custom cleaning tools designed for your specific tube geometries and bundle arrangement to perform deep cleaning
  • Clean significantly more heat transfer surface than traditional surface blasting methods
  • HRST licensed cleaning contractor will provide experienced execution of our cleaning techniques using our customized tools
  • Our willingness to innovate to improve cleaning results

Use the following to request a brochure: HRST Tube Cleaning

What our clients are saying:

“HRST in contract with Precision Iceblast Corporation did a very professional job with great benefits while blasting our unit Vann 1. As a result from the professional deep cleaning, we are seeing more MW’s, and steam production with the exhaust DP is 1.5-2.0 in WC lower than unit 2. Our stack temperature has decreased 10-15 degrees. The crew supported themselves with the correct tools, equipment to make it very easy for us during out outage. We will continue to work with HRST and Precision Iceblast Corporation.”
Jeff Kidd, Plant Results Coordinator, Powersouth Energy Cooperative