We provide Field Services to support your project

Require an outage advisor to investigate problems and monitor repairs? Are you in need of expert service to assist with HRST product installations? Are you planning to purchase a new HRSG and want to make sure the latest field experience is incorporated in to the specification? Are you building a combined cycle power plant and need help reviewing and approving the HRSG vendor drawings? These are all examples where HRST, Inc. can provide Field Services to support your project.

Outage Guidance

Our Field Services team has extensive experience supervising welding, field repair, overseas fabrication, and erection of HRSGs. HRST will provide the hands-on, boiler–specific field expertise necessary to help a client with their maintenance outage. Our aim is to combine our boiler expertise with the contractor’s craft skills for the client’s beneficial outcome. Our experience includes pressure part repairs, liner and insulation repairs, pipe penetration seal repairs, catalyst replacement, HRSG upgrades, and HRSG erection.

Construction and Turnkey

HRST will partner with select pre-qualified subcontractors to offer full turnkey project services and take a project through each stage from concept to operation. HRST has successfully completed countless projects offering design, products, and technical support, and now with installation included, the client has the freedom to focus their efforts on other needs while HRST manages the project from start to finish.

HRSG Gas Side Cleaning

We can analyze your HRSG design and tube fin fouling characteristics. We then develop customized gas side cleaning procedures and tools to remove the fouling in an effective manner. Our on-site advisor will help monitor progress and cleaning quality. Licensed contractors are available in some regions to provide this service as part of their scope of supply.

Expert Product Installation

Diffuser Duct Liner Retrofit

We offer field services to help our clients properly install the products we sell. This helps our clients avoid outage delays and manage unexpected conditions that can occur during retrofit of new products into existing boilers.

Vendor Surveillance

HRST Field Service

We can visit your vendor to assess the progress on your project. This includes monitoring an OEM’s shop fabrication quality, monitoring the production schedule, or directing a subcontractor’s fabrication of components designed by HRST.

NDE Services

We partner with trusted, pre-qualified NDE subcontractors to offer FAC UT Monitoring, Drum Weld Inspection, Magnetic Particle Testing, Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, other forms of Ultrasonic Testing, and Pulse Eddy Current (PEC) testing.

New Boiler Specification and Design Review

Our experience can help you purchase and install a new boiler that includes the benefit of the latest field experience. Problems found during our past inspections can be used to highlight the need for the OEM to implement design improvements for your new HRSG.

Engineered Solutions to Problems

When problems are found, our team can help you with engineering decisions needed to select the proper fix or repair method. We have the boiler experience and engineering capability to help you. Often we have seen your problem before, and understand what repair strategies work and which do not.

What our clients are saying about Field Services:

“We selected HRST to support us with HRSG repairs during our scheduled spring outage.  HRST has been on-site before, and we value that if unexpected problems are found, they can engineer solutions and provide immediate help to our plant staff and our local contractor.  They understand our boiler design and where problems can occur.  HRST did a great job on overseeing the replacement of over 300 LP economizer upper tube bends. They were instrumental in helping our contractor complete this large task safely and provide a quality job at completion. Plus, knowing they also have a design and engineering team at headquarters backing their Field Services helps us get through an outage with confidence.”
Danny Nichols, Maintenance Superintendent, NAES
“HRST provided engineering advice, direction and support for a tube plugging procedure in one of our facilities. We needed a reliable expert to provide us insight into the problem we were having and give us the confidence we needed to solve the problem the right way. HRST was fantastic in this capacity; we were very pleased with their contribution. HRST’s communication style was direct and right on the money. They have worked on several projects for us in the past and we were familiar with his approach. Thanks to HRST’s efforts, we were able to resolve this problem quickly and effectively. I am happy to recommend  HRST, Inc. to any facility with a similar need. We certainly plan on working with HRST, Inc. in the near future.”
Combine Cycle Cogen Florida

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