Concerned about Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) in your HRSG pressure parts? Unsure if repairs are appropriate?

FAC UT Monitoring collects data that allows HRST to give you precise recommendations for repair and future inspections.

It’s important that the components being analyzed are properly measured in the same locations over time. If you do this, you’re better able to draw conclusions about pressure part wear rates due to FAC and form recommended actions.

  • High priority locations to monitor FAC are identified by an HRST FAC Risk Assessment.

  • These baseline locations are gridded by an HRST technician on the component. UTT measurements are taken per HRST standard operating procedure.

  • Measurements are compared to specifications and any previous testing to determine wear rates and to form predictions of future wall conditions.

  • Recommendations for frequency of future inspections are drawn based on parameters determined by the HRST Analysis Department.

HRST’s graphical representation of the results will create an accurate representation of thinning on the location inspected.


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