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What is an HRSG Academy?

Our HRSG Academy is a 3-day course that summarizes the important “lessons learned” by HRST engineers, designers and technical advisors who have experience from hundreds of HRSG inspections and problem investigations each year. The course is updated each year with new findings and trends to provide the most beneficial and relevant information.  Whether your plant is old, new or not yet finished, the Academy will give operations, maintenance, and engineering personnel the best and latest information. It’s never too late or too early to extend one’s HRSG knowledge! Plus, we keep the evenings busy with networking events and dinners. Past events include axe throwing, white water rafting, salsa making, and steam ship cruises. See Upcoming Events for more detailed information on our next Academy.

Course topics may include:
  • Fast Start Considerations
  • Gas-side Components
  • ASME Code Requirements/Issues
  • Economizers, Preheaters, Superheaters, Reheaters, and Desuperheaters
  • Evaporators
  • Duct Burners and Firing Ducts
  • SCR Catalysts
  • Tube Repair Strategies
  • HRSG Tube Sampling for Long-Term Reliability
  • P91 Repair Methodology and Applications
  • In-House Inspection Tasks
  • Various Safety Toolbox Topics
  • Control Room Data Assessment
  • HRSG Water Chemistry Control
  • HRSG Alarm Response
  • Layup and Storage

HRST, Inc. has trained thousands of plant personnel over the years. Twice a year we change the location of our HRSG Academy to different areas around the United States and the world to accommodate our clients. Our past HRSG Academies have been in multiple cities in Arizona, Australia, California, Colombia, Florida, Maine, Montana, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Vietnam, Virginia, Washington, North Carolina,  Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore.