DEPARTMENT: Engineering

POSITION SUMMARY: HRST, Inc. has created an exciting role responsible for developing new solutions to problems in the HRSG and Combined Cycle Industry.
Essential Functions:

  • Investigate, research and develop solutions, as assigned by the Director of Engineering, for issues observed in the combined cycle industry which could result in:
    • New product development
    • Broader and deeper knowledge
  • Collaborate with Sales and Marketing to create technical solutions that are marketable in HRST’s industry.
  • Collaborate with Department Managers, at the direction of the Director of Engineering, to incorporate R&D results into our technical standards or standard offerings as appropriate.
  • Preferentially execute unique/non-standard projects with senior staff that will be retiring soon with the deliberate intent of garnering as much engineering knowledge and experience.
    • Discuss with Director of Engineering how that information will be disseminated or made available to the remainder of the organization (Tech sharing, standard development, EIB etc.)
  • Perform Analysis Projects as necessary
  • Perform 2-6 HRSG Inspections per year

Qualification Requirements:

  • Advanced Engineering degree
  • Must be wicked smart
  • Ability to balance theory with being practical

Send your inquiries to: [email protected]