Make The Next Outage Count!

HRST Online Inspections can be scheduled months before a maintenance outage to help refine outage work scope. Online Inspections identify critical issues now, so you can go into your next outage with the plans and resources in place for repairs and advanced inspection tasks.

Two HP evaporator fabric seals with torn fabric present
Hot Spot on Stack

HRST Online Inspections check the following:

  1. Walk down of the system casing, expansion joints and penetrations specifically checking for hot spots, exhaust gas leaks, unusual noises and vibration that may hint at gas-side problems.

  2. Perform infrared camera survey and provide opinions and recommendations on concerning “hot spot” areas.

  3. Inspection of burner flame patterns – if applicable.

  4. Check HRSG/boiler performance and control trends by involving control room operators in discussion and historical data trend review.

  5. Walk down of accessible high- temperature steam piping and their pipe supports within 25 ft of the HRSG or process boiler. Check for concerning positions and signs of past expansion clearance problems.

Additional online checks we can include to maximize the project thoroughness:

  1. Utilize our drone with infrared camera to collect optimized views of the HRSG casing, vent stacks and pipe supports.

  2. Accurate measurement of HRSG gas side pressure drop across each section of the HRSG.  Our testing can reveal exactly where and when gas side fouling needs future cleaning.

  3. Drum level checks by comparing level transmitter readings with water column indications, factoring in pressure/temperature compensation.

  4. Systematic high temperature piping and pipe support hot condition inspection, from the HRSG to the steam turbine.


No shutdowns needed. No confined space usage. No support team needed.


One HRST inspector working alone can cover your entire plant.


Our post-inspection Final Report will contain recommendations based on experience and insight gained from more than 250 HRSG, exhaust duct and process boiler inspections per year.

Email us now to learn more about HRST Online Inspections and schedule one for your plant!