HRSGs and many styles of Waste Heat Boilers have an internal Liner & Insulation system to protect the outer casing from the hot exhaust gas. If the internal Liner & Insulation system fails many problems will occur: casing overheat and buckling, hot exhaust gas leaks, and insulation fouling of finned tubes and catalyst systems. Therefore, proper design and maintenance of Liner & Insulation Systems is critical. A small design or installation problem can quickly turn in to a big problem when exposed to 100+ mph exhaust velocities at 1100 °F.

Diffuser Duct Liner Retrofit

HRST can help you repair or upgrade your Liner & Insulation System.

We will review your problem area and develop a design layout using the most proper selection of studs, washers, insulation, liner sheet size and thickness, as well as ensure installation quality for a long-lasting repair. We offer kits of materials custom designed for your application.

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What our clients are saying:

We had a short outage and needed a pipe liner for a reheater project. The attemporator was broken off and we needed expert recommendations for repairing the nozzle. HRST, Inc. was just great. They really helped us out a lot. They sent us a new liner right away. We had several questions about fitting the liner and we needed several on-site modifications. What impressed me was how helpful HRST, Inc. was throughout the entire process. All of our questions were answered immediately and we got all the help we needed to make this project work for us. I would definitely recommend your company to any facility with a similar need. We certainly plan on working with your firm in the near future.
Shannon Evans, Cleco