The HRST Technical Advisor (TA) provides installation and repair expertise to our power plant clients around the world.   The role requires effective communication and leadership skills balanced with practical experience plus a creative, positive attitude to “get it done right.”

The position has a significant amount of travel concentrated during the spring and fall outage seasons. Projects typically range from 4 days to 30 days on site at a power plant.

Common Tasks Include:

  • Advise and oversee the client’s contractor to insure the proper installation of HRST products and designs.
  • Prepare or review outage boiler repair procedures.
  • Perform QA/QC of a contractor’s installation and repair work in progress and reporting outage repair progress to client’s management staff.
  • Quickly develop creative repair solutions with the on-site contractor, power plant management and remote HRST engineering staff.
  • Perform boiler inspections.

Attractive Qualifications:

  • Certified welding inspector (AWS CWI).
  • Knowledge of various non destructive examination (NDE) processes.
  • Knowledge of ASME Pressure Vessel codes and data sheets
  • Knowledge of NBIC requirements.
  • Prior hands-on certified welding/cutting/fabrication experience.
  • Knowledge of relevant and applicable welding/assembly codes and practices.
  • Field boiler construction and repair experience, especially HRSGs.
  • Knowledge of ancillary steam power plant operation/ assembly/construction equipment. (steam turbines, vessels, piping/piping supports, valves, control systems, electrical equipment, cranes, rigging, etc.) desirable
  • Experience in developing/understanding various specifications, installation procedures/drawings, etc.
  • Ability to work independently on challenging and time-constrained projectsAbility to successfully work with a variety of persons in various departments and positions in relative harmony. Ie, contractors, project managers, plant managers, etc.
  • Multilingual.

Office Location:

Preferably work from an existing HRST office (headquarters or regional office), but not required depending on qualifications and experience. Some international locations outside of North America are especially attractive. Opportunities exist to establish and lead new HRST regional offices.Send your inquiries to: [email protected]